Construction Highlights



The roundabout at Hecla Road/State Street was completed.


Realignment of Route 981 near Norvelt, work at roundabout began.


New Boyer Run bridge.


Route 981/819 Roundabout opened to traffic.


Pavement placed on new Route 981.


Fiedors Grove Road realigned and widened.

Summer 2022

Section Q20 Cleared Alignment Summer 2022

Construction of the new Route 981 alignment is underway.

Route 819 Roundabout culvert

Construction of the Route 981/Route 819 roundabout, including new box culvert to the north.

Section Q20 PA Turnpike bridge construction

Route 981 construction under the PA Turnpike.

Boyer Run bridge beam placement

Setting beams for the new bridge over Boyer Run.

Section Q20 Cleared Alignment Summer 2022

New Route 981 alignment takes shape.

Route 819 roundabout construction photos

Design mapping for the Route 981/Route 819 roundabout showing the culvert in red.

Section Q20 Fiedors Grove construction

Route 981 new alignment construction south of the PA Turnpike.

Boyer Run bridge beam placement

Beams set for the Route 981 bridge over Boyer Run.

Spring 2022

Section Q20 Spring 2022 Excavation

Construction crews are working on the new Route 981.

Section Q20 Construction Highlevel

Construction is underway near Carpentertown Road.

Section Q20 Spring 2022 Construction

The new Route 981 alignment take shape.

Section Q20 Spring 2022 E&S

Erosion and sediment controls protect streams in the construction area.

December 2021

Section Q20 Construction Alignment Cleared
Trees and other organic material have been cleared where the new SR 981, Section Q20 alignment will be built.

Section Q20 Construction E&S
Drainage and erosion and sedimentation controls are in place to begin the roundabout construction near SR 981 and SR 819.

Section Q20 Cleared Alignment

Section Q20 Construction Drainage

November 2021

IMG Q20 5
Utility relocations are underway throughout the project area.

IMG Q20 6
Please slow down for safety in work zones.

November 2021 Groundbreaking

Speakers Groundbreaking
State, local, and PennDOT Officials break ground for LVTIP

Bill Kovach Groundbreaking

PennDOT District 12 District Executive Bill Kovach
speaks at LVTIP groundbreaking

Senator Kim Ward Groundbreaking

PA Senator Kim Ward speaks at LVTIP groundbreaking

County Officials Groundbreaking

Westmoreland County officials and PA Senator Kim Ward
break ground for LVTIP

Project Area Photos

Section 1 Proj Area 4
The PA Turnpike Bridge over Route 981

Section 1 Proj Area 2
A vehicle approaches the intersection of Routes 819 and 981

Section 1 Proj Area 3

Route 981 in Mt. Pleasant Township

Section 1 Proj Area 1
Mt. Pleasant Junior Football League facilities in Norvelt