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About the Project

Route 981, Section Y10 is currently in Final Design. The Y10 project extends about 2.5 miles along Hill Churches Road / Bell Memorial Church Road (Route 2023), from the Bingham Road intersection in Mount Pleasant Township, northward to Route 981 at Airport Road in Unity Township, Westmoreland County.

Anticipated Schedule*

Preliminary Design:  Complete

Final Design and Right-of-Way Acquisition:  2022 - 2024

Construction: 2025 - 2027

*Schedule subject to change due to funding availability


Key Features of Final Alignment

Section Y10 Alignment Fall 2023

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  • Two twelve-foot travel lanes
  • Eight-foot shoulders on each side of the roadway
  • 45-mile-per-hour speed limit
  • Improved curves and grades
  • Three new roundabout intersections at Bell Memorial Church Road (Route 2023) and Route 130, New Route 981 and Bell Memorial Church Road (Route 2023) near Green Street, and Route 981 and relocated Airport Road.

Environmental Mitigation

Environmental Mitigation

The project team has identified all environmental resources in the project area, achieved environmental clearance, and are beginning the process of securing all required environmental permits. Impacts to existing streams will be balanced with improvements to the nearby Linn Run, to the extent possible.

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During Final Design, the alternative alignment that was developed during Preliminary Engineering and received environmental clearance is further refined, detailed and presented on construction plans, and bid for construction. Also concurrent with Final Design, interrelated non-sequential tasks such as Right-of-Way acquisition, utility coordination, and permitting are performed ahead of construction.

PennDOT is required to follow NEPA on any federally-funded project. NEPA compliance requires environmental resources to be evaluated using one of three types of environmental documentation. The level of documentation is determined based on the complexity of the project.

A CE is used by PennDOT when, due to the project type, complexity or area of impact, potential impacts are not expected to be significant in a project area.