Sustainability has been identified as a key element of the Laurel Valley Transportation Improvement Project (LVTIP). According the Federal Highway Administration’s website:


By incorporating sustainable practices throughout project development focusing on planning, design, construction and maintenance of the LVTIP, the project will project viability throughout its serviceable life.

The LVTIP was selected for a grant to complete a FHWA initiative titled INVEST (Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool). The LVTIP project was one of a handful of national projects selected to measure the future sustainability of the project and proposed improvements. INVEST aims to help projects incorporate sustainability measures into the design and construction so that a project holds its value over time. Learn More

Land Use and Planning
The planning process for the LVTIP will offer technical expertise to examine land use and community characteristics of the region as a whole in order to enhance the understanding of the corridor’s context within each municipality, Westmoreland County, and the region. Our collaborative approach includes educational workshops, stakeholder meetings, and other public outreach efforts. The results of the process will serve as a foundation for future decision making regarding the development of the LVTIP Corridor in a manner that respects the needs and desires of the people who live and work there. Learn More