The planning process for the LVTIP will offer technical expertise to examine land use and community characteristics of the region as a whole to enhance the understanding of the corridor’s context within each municipality, Westmoreland County, and the region. Our collaborative approach includes educational workshops, stakeholder meetings, and other public outreach efforts. The results of the process will serve as a foundation for future decision making regarding the development of the LVTIP Corridor in a manner that respects the desires of the people who live and work there.

Collaborative planning involves documentation and analyses of the community’s social, economic, and physical condition coupled with a robust public involvement process. Planning establishes the foundation for elected officials to make informed decisions about infrastructure investments like the LVTIP. By working proactively to understand the community context and character throughout the LVTIP Corridor, PennDOT and local elected officials can establish a collective vision for the future and achieve desired community goals.