The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), PennDOT and the LVTIP Project Team are collaborating on the use of FHWA’s INVEST (Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool) online scoring tool to evaluate project sustainability. INVEST encourages the incorporation of sustainability measures into transportation design and construction, so that a project holds its value, fit, function and serviceability over time.

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The LVTIP Project Team will utilize a customized INVEST Project Development scoring module to evaluate LVTIP sustainability. The customized scoring module consists of 28 criteria to evaluate the project through engineering, design and construction. Topic areas for the Project Development criteria include context sensitive project development, ecological connectivity, construction waste management, and highway and traffic safety. The Project Team initiated the INVEST process in collaboration with FHWA and PennDOT in July 2017. The first collaborative INVEST scoring workshop for the LVTIP was conducted December 15, 2017, involving FHWA and PennDOT staff, and members of the consultant Project Team. The group initially evaluated project sustainability and identified opportunities to further enhance related efforts moving forward.

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