Frequently Asked Questions
As of March 2018
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What is the purpose of this project?

When will more details be available about the Refined Improvement for Section 1: Route 819 to Norvelt?

How were the sections determined? Why was the corridor not divided into three equal sections?

I live along Route 981. How will my property be affected?

What is the proposed timeline for the Laurel Valley Transportation Improvement Project (LVTIP)?

What is the current status of the proposed Pennsylvania Turnpike interchange?

What will be the speed limit along the corridor once the project is completed?

How will you protect our quality of life and community characteristics?

Are roundabouts a safe intersection option?

Where will Roundabouts be used in the Section 1: Route 819 to Norvelt Project?

How are existing features in the corridor (such as farmlands, churches and cemeteries, businesses, homes, etc.) being preserved when deciding the final placement of the proposed alignment?

Will there be more traffic on Route 981 in the surrounding areas?

What considerations are being made for multi-modal transportation?

How can I be involved throughout the development of the LVTIP?