Section 1

We understand the environmental resources surrounding the project area is an important part of overall project development.

The Project Team began by gathering public input into potential key locations that could require further review as each section of the LVTIP moves forward. In particular, a site in section 1 was identified by the public as a potential hazardous waste site that would need to be studied during Preliminary Engineering.

A variety of environmental analyses are underway within the LVTIP Section 1 project area. The data collected during these studies will help the Project Team make refinements to the roadway design throughout Preliminary Engineering.

Wetland, surface water and stream field investigations and delineations were completed within the project area. During the field investigations, scientists examined soils, vegetation, and hydrology. They documented wetlands, watercourses, and non-wetland characteristics on forms and mapping. Wetland and stream boundaries were delineated in the field. The mapping will help engineers avoid and minimize impacts to these features during the Preliminary Engineering and Final Design phases of the project.

The Project Team mailed letters and a brief survey to owners of potential farmland. Based on the responses, interviews with those farmers were held in December 2017. Information regarding the farm operation and use of the local roadway was discussed and documented with each property owner for our project team to consider during and after construction.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is being prepared for Section 1. A Phase I ESA is an investigation of potentially contaminated properties surrounding the project area to help the Project Team understand what hazardous material might be in the project area and better determine how impacts may be minimized or managed.

Cultural Resources, Noise, and Air Quality studies are also underway. Environmental clearance for this project is anticipated in spring 2019 and will be followed by Final Design.